Computer Science Club

Welcome to SUCS

Southwestern University's Computer Science club is the largest tech oriented student organization.

SUCS is open to any SU student in any major.

We're proud to have a diverse group of students and have many events that require no technical expertise.

Who We Are

Kirby Steckel

CS major, class of '21

Vice President
Joe Roybal

CS major, class of '21

Jake Gutierrez

CS major and Business minor, class of '21

What We Do

Virtual Game Nights

  • Minecraft
  • Halo
  • Jack Box things...and more!

Guest Speakers

  • Alumni
  • Industry Professionals
  • Professors
  • Students

Tutorials and Workshops

  • Collaborative Tutorials
  • Coding Competitions
  • Career, Resume, and Portfolio Workshops

Connect With Us

Our meetings are Thursday @ 6:30pm on Discord

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